GoWISE USA 8-in-1. Electric Air Fryer

A diet that heavily features foods fried in vats of hot oil can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes and high cholesterol. Also, owning a deep fryer in your home can not only be cumbersome and awkward, it can be prohibitively expensive to keep draining and refilling those grease tanks. If these are concerns for yo, then you own it to yourself to buy an air fryer – a type of cooker that use convection heated air to produce a taste and texture quality similar to deep frying. GoWise’s GW22611 8-in -1 Air Fryer does all of this while adding some new features that distinguish it from it’s competitors.

GoWISE USA 8-in-1. Electric Air Fryer


Controls – The setting for this fryer are very simple and user-friendly. It comes with times and temperatures for different foods, a temperature gauge setting and a timer – all on a touch button digital readout that walks you through the setting process. It comes with presets for certain foods programmed into it and 8 different cooking presets, including Warm-up, Chips, Chicken, Steak, Meat, Cake and fish to go along with the basic fryer function.

Safety Features – Not only is this fryer ETL certified with regards to devices that use electromagnetic fields, it comes with a whole host of safety features. These include overheat protection, an automatic switch off mode that gives you peace of mind after cooking, and an automatic standby mode so you won’t have to prep as early as you would without it. It also comes with a button guard to help you secure the basket in place as you cook so you don’t accidentally dislodge the basket from the cooker while in use.

Accessories – This is the type of air fryer that has the capability to not only fry food, but to roast, bake and grill as well. The accessories that come with it include a removable pan with a touch-safe handle grip and detachable basket.. In any mode, the basket is easy to remove and clean and put back in place.

Higher than Normal Heating capacity – Most air fryers cannot exceed 360 degrees. This model ranges in temperature from 176 degrees F to 392 degrees. This means you can fry food faster and hotter than other models.

Cooking Methods
Fried Chicken: Lightly dust the chicken with flour or bread crumbs and a light film of oil and herbs and spices while keeping a medium amount of the fat on and cook it that way. Take the basket out before you put the food inside it to make it easier to work with. The convection element should cook every region of the fat and flour together to give it the same texture as deep fried chicken without being overly greasy. Make sure you shake the chicken halfway through to prevent the various piece for being stuck together and that you flip them over to cook each side evenly for 15 -25 minutes at 360 degrees.

French Fries: Lightly cover any peeled or already seasoned frozen potatoes with oil, and place them into the basket with a pair of tongs. Don’t just dump them out of the bowl you oiled them in, as the oil from the bottom of the bowl will go into the basket as well and cover the top of your fries, cooking them unevenly. Treat them just the same way you did the chicken and you should be good to go after 30 minutes at 360 degrees.

– Easy to use
– Lightweight
– User friendly
– Excellent Safety features, including button guard
– Versatile feature to allow for grilling, baking, and roasting.

– Not meant of high volume, you many have to make multiple batches feed more than two people at a time.
– Not as crunchy as deep frying food, but this can be helped with cooking meats with fat on and veggies with extra amounts of olive oil.

Cleaning Methods
All that’s required is that you wipe away any oil that has gathered outside the basket itself and wipe down the heating element with the damp cloth. The basket itself is dishwasher safe and easy to remove from the cooker itself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Q1. How affordable is this model?
A1. It’s priced at around $100, which is a bargain when compared with other brands.

Q2. Can this fryer cook using butter?
A2. The air tends to blow the batter off the food you’re frying, so not really.

Q3. Does this model come with any accessories?
A3. You’ll have to buy the grill, roasting or baking accessories separately.

Q4. Can I cook meats with a lot of fat?
A4. Bacon, for example, would drip a lot of fat onto the heating element, so it’s best if you trim as much fat as possible that won’t seep into the meat itself. Chicken skin is fine, however.

Q5. How easy is this device to store when not in use?
A5. It’s about the size of a small blender, so you can store in on the counter if needed.

Final Verdict
There are bigger models to be sure, but for any normal sized family, this one should be perfect for the amount of food you need to prepare. The added safety feature make this design much preferable for families with small children. Highly recommended if you’re not trying to make batches of food for more than three people at a time.

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