Errors you should avoid when using an Air Fryer

People have often wanted the ability to deep fry foods in their own home much in the same way as restaurants do. The only problem is that large deep fryers are expensive, cumbersome to use and require lots of upkeep. This is why many are discovering the joys of an air fryer – a kitchen appliance that uses hot flowing air rather than tanks of grease to crisp your favorite foods like fries and potato chips to golden, brown deliciousness. However, even though these are easy to use, many people make the classic mistake of treating them like a traditional fryer and misuse them. Here are 4 errors you should avoid when using an air fryer

Do not heat the Airfryer ahead of time
The best thing about using an air fryer is that you don’t have to prep it the same way you would a deep fryer. Often with deep fryers, you’re required to turn it on and wait until the oil inside reaches the optimal cooking temperature. This is different from how you use an air fryer. You prep your food first (peeling or applying spices and a light film of cooking oil) and then only turn it on two minutes beforehand to prep when your food is inside and ready to cook.
You do have to heat the fryer two minutes before you use it, so there is that to consider. But as long as you don’t place too much food inside or overcrowd your food to let each surface area cook fully, you should be able to finish frying your food with no extra wait time.

Place the baking tray and grill accessories in the proper locations
Another consequence of overcrowding the food inside of the air fryer beside not cooking it fully is not being able to adjust or move your food inside it to simulate deep frying results. This is often because when you have to move the food around awkwardly, you often move the baking tray around or the grill when you are using the Air Fryer to grill foods. You should always try not to open the lid very often, as this affects the cooking temperature and the quality of the food when finished. Also, set the height of the tray or grill ahead of time so that you can keep it there when you begin to cook with it. Never adjust them in the middle of cooking food, as this will affect the temperature as well when you’re constantly opening the lid. Finally, only rotate food inside after it’s has been cooking for 2/3 the total cook time you entered into the fryer.

Use each accessory properly
Be sure you only use each component of an Air Fryer as it’s intended. If your fryer doubles as a mini-baking oven, only use the fryer basket and some oil to bake pastries or other food inside. If you use any other components, like the grill, be sure to only use it to grill food, not roast or bake with it.

Do not neglect the Fryer Mode
The fryer mode allows you to either crisp your food on one side or on both sides. As long as you set it correctly, it should be able to cook all surfaces of the food you place inside without needing to rotate or flip it over. This is done by selecting either “1 sided” or “Dual sided Cooking” If you want your food to look and taste like it came from a genuine deep fryer, understanding the various settings and capabilities of your fryer is the first step. Read the instruction manual for your particular model, as many fryers have different feature and are capable of cooking food in different ways. Try to take advantages of the different features of your brand of air fryer.

There’s no reason why you too can’t make delicious fried foods without having to use so much grease or clean up so much mess afterwards. As long as you don’t overcrowd the food inside, use each accessory in the manner with which it was intended, only heat ahead of time as directed and learn all the ins and out of your machine, you can make the kind of food that your whole family will enjoy time and time again.

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